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Inciting Leaders focuses on enhancing human capital and performance by building capacity, aligning teams and transforming organizations. Working with individual contributors, teams and organizations we align, enhance and amplify impact + results.

// We are results oriented + human focused.

Inciting Leaders’ mission is to ensure every organization can reach their full potential. We work collaboratively with you to ignite change and make an impact. Our engagements are evidence-based and brain-friendly experiences that grow individuals and teams to amplify the impact of the work they do in your organization.

What we do.

Building Capacity and readiness of leaders and talent across organizations through executive coaching and customized development programs.

  • Coaching
  • Customized leadership development

Aligning Teams at all levels in the organization to increase their effectiveness by optimizing their performance and agility to drive organization results.

  • Team Alignment + Facilitation
  • Team Coaching
  • Thriving Virtual Teams

Transforming Organizations by driving organization change through aligning strategy, culture, structure and people.

  • 90-Day Strategy Execution Sprints
  • Strategy + Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Design + Structure
  • OKR Consulting
  • Performance Management

Our senior leaders are growing and thriving thanks to Devon’s focused support, encouragement, and constructive coaching. His experience and extensive knowledge-base in leadership and management development have already led to growth amongst the senior management team in communication, clarity in purpose and goals, and execution of strategic leadership.
— CEO, Farm Credit Association

Blog posts.

Building OKR Compatible Performance Management Systems

OKRs are a powerful goal-setting and leadership tool for communicating strategic priorities and the milestones you’ll need accomplish. When smartly paired with performance management systems, this can be a powerful alignment tool. Yet there are some critical mistakes that are too often ignored.

3 Essential Questions for Leaders in New Roles

How often have you struggled or watched someone struggle while transitioning into a new leadership role? Top performance in one role does not inherently mean excellent performance in a future role with greater responsibility and scope. Success as an individual contributor, manager, functional leader or executive, does not imply success at leading individuals in those…

// Inciting leaders to be their best + amplifying results.